Professional Associations



Professional Associations

As a member of the PPOC and MPIO, I’m proud to be part of the photography community. As a landscape photographer, I’m also proud to support nature conservation.


Professional Photographers Association of Canada (PPOC)

Founded in 1884, the PPOC is a national association of photographers with the vision “to be Canada’s leaders in developing and maintaining the highest level of photographic excellence. In 2011, through a juried process by the board of examiners of the PPOC, I became a certified member in the category of Natures. The PPOC connects photographers from across Canada and inspires excellence through exposure to a diverse range of photographic techniques, while providing national competitions as a pinnacle of achievement.


Master Photographers International (MPIO)

Master Photographers International is a new and rapidly expanding international organization created here in Calgary, Alberta. Built by photographers for photographers, MPIO offers education, mentorship and, for photography clients, a directory of Qualified Professionals Internationally. I have been awarded the Master Member designation in Fine Art photography on the basis of a portfolio submission. To receive this membership level the photographer must have received recognition for their specific category, have 3 images in the National Competition scoring over 80% and have one workshop or article on Fine Art Photography.




Nature Conservancy of Canada

When a photographer creates a picture for sale, rather than for personal use, there is a fundamental shift in the nature of the relationship between the photographer and the subject. For example, a portrait photographer is obliged to pay a model who is utilized in a commercial photo shoot. As a landscape photographer, I feel equally compelled to compensate my subject – the natural landscape, for it’s use in the imagery I create and sell. As such, I donate 50% of all net proceeds earned to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC).

The NCC is Canada’s largest privately funded national conservation association with a vision to protect “areas of natural diversity for their intrinsic value and for the benefit of our children and those after them”. They work to “secure important natural areas through their purchase, donation or other mechanisms, and then manage these properties for the long term”. To learn for about this agency please visit their website at